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Snippy looked out over the wasteland, eyeing his far-off prize.


The sniper saw Pilot, and cried out in horror as he saw the less sane man bellyflopping-swirly-swirly, toward the bagel at lighting speed.

Suddenly, Eric and Pube and the prostititeseses from Fable III began to rain from the sky, Eric landed union Pilot, and he turned into a rainbow, then exploded, spraying ninja juice all over.

Snippy saw his chance, and ran for the bagel.

Suddenly, an asian Mulan barbie caught under Snippy's shoe. Snippy fell and started to cry.

He watched helplessly as Captain picked up the bagel, then looked at him, blankly.

The Bagel crew crab-like legs, which shot out, as if growing at lightning speed. Tentacles flew from it's hole and engulfed the Captain.

The Cancer-bagel ate Snippy.

All the ROMAC OCs watched.

"What the hell are we doing here?" RQ-4 asked.

"Eating pie, remember." Scientist said.

Then they all exploded.

And the pie was all alone.

The tale of Snippy and the boob.

One day, Charles was giving Engie a hug. Epic music ensued as a giant boobs began fall from the heavens, killing Photoshop, Pilot and the Fable III Prostitities outright.

One boob, even bigger than the rest, crashed before Engie and Snippy, who clung to each other in terror.

"OHNOES! I LIV OO SNIPPI!" Engie squealed, before the great boob opened it's maw and consumed him, spitting out the fluffy hood.

"Shhhpiinngy…" The boob growled, glaring at the sniper.

"OMGWTFBBQNO!" Charles Snippy flapped like a constipated doogle, then ran away.

Suddenly, upon the back of the mighty Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat, The Scientist appeared on the horizon. An army of Nyan cats followed, firing random lasers at the boobs. Everyone was freed, then the Giantest Boob, the leader, engaged in furious battle with The Scientist. Luckly, she escaped using a whoopee cushion and seven mouldy livers.

Snippy and Engie were reunited, kissed, then were crushed my Photoshop, who had just fallen from the sky.

"Moo." Photoshop said, gayly, then went to speak with Zee WALRUSS.


So, it was late and I was in a funny mood because of the truly crazy fanfics that were being read out/posted on [link]

So, yeah.
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February 11, 2012
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